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Technical guidelines: save in CSV format


Save in CSV format


After completing our excel document with the necessary information (title of the file, title of the image and tags), we’ll proceed to save the file in CSV format. This format will separate the columns with a semi colon (;), and the tags with a comma (,).

I need the CSV to be in the following manner: 

  • Separate each tag by a comma (,).
  • End the file name with .zip.
  • 3 columns separated by a semi colon (;) with the following column names (file name, title, tags).

To start, go to Save as and Other Formats.



In Document Type choose CSV (MS-DOS), this step is very important as it will save the document respecting the columns and the rows separated by the punctuation marks.



A window will appear to inform us about our save. Click Yes.




We can also also convert our document to CSV by going to following these steps:




Step 1

Select the file that you want to convert to CSV


Step 2

Configure the options for the CSV format. In Field Separator select the ; option.



Step 3

Here, it’s important that you select the 8th and the 9th options:

  • Always overwrite template when generating standardCSV
  • Replace value of NULL in CSV with an emptyvalue