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Guidelines on how to tag photos



In order to upload the CSV with tags and titles, please read the following information regarding how we need the photos to be uploaded. In the following guidelines, we explain you how the photos should be tagged and how to export it in CSV file in order to upload through FTP. 


1. Conceptual and descriptive tags

For photos, it’s important to not only describe the image, but also the concept, what does the image bring to mind? We should mix both conceptual and descriptive tags.

With conceptual tags we describe what the image transmits. In this case, we see a group of girls in summer wear; so we should use tags that reference summer time.

With the descriptive tags we can define what we see in the image. Girls, cellphone, dress; we see they’re in an urban area, etc. Perhaps the cellphone is the most important element in the image, as this is what all the girls are looking at.


Example 1


Conceptual tags

Friendship, young, youth, holiday, vacation, summer, summertime, season, experience, travel, seasonal, fashion, beautiful, entertainment, fun, smile

Descriptive tags

Girls, women, woman, teenagers, people, fashion, city, mobile, dress, sunglasses, selfie, shorts, summer clothes


Example 2

Conceptual tags

Weather, abstract, storm

Descriptive tags

glass, window, rain, raining, drop, blur, unfocused, blurred            water, liquid, tarnished, fogged, raindrop



Example 3