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About Us

Who is behind Freepik?

Freepik is a team of designers, developers, professionals of marketing, communication and administration.

Our main office is placed in Malaga, a beautiful city in the south of Spain, but we have workers scattered around the world, who work everyday with us to offer you the best graphic resources.


How does Freepik work?

Freepik is a site in which you’ll find thousands of free graphic resources:

Free graphic resources exclusive for Freepik: we want to offer you high quality resources, and that’s why we upload daily dozens of original designs created by our own design team. They are exclusive resources, available only in Freepik, that have been carefully designed following the latest trends in graphic and web design.

Graphic resources belonging to others: Freepik works as well as an engine that frequently crawls hundreds of websites, choosing the best free graphic resources. Then, our algorithm puts them in order of quality and relevance criteria, showing them in a coherent and orderly way.


Why are our contents for free?

Our aim is to make it possible for anyone to use professional graphic resources, without needing to spend a large amount of money. We’d like high quality designs to be available for everyone for their personal projects as well as for business projects.

How do we make it possible?

We produce our own contents and, in addition, we reached agreements with many designers that offer their works uploaded in Freepik's website. 


Who Uses Freepik?

Designers, web developers, social media professionals and whoever else may need free graphic resources for professional or personal use.

Freepik is used by:





How can I use Freepik as a Free User?

How can I use Freepik as a Premium User?

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  • Avatar

    Nice team, thank you for the good job.

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    Awesome team,
    Thanks :) I'll cheer !!! Always (^0^)/

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    Fantastic Team, excellent job

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    Félicitations :
    Beau, pratique et économique !
    Un des meilleurs site web de sources graphique au monde.

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    Nice team. you guys are doing a great job. keep it up.

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    You guys are amazing, thankyou :)

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    türkiye'den selamlar :) ellerinize sağlık.

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    Hallo, You have an Virus on your Werbseite

    Virus scanner reports:
    Virus beim Laden von Web-Inhalten gefunden.
    Status: Der Zugriff wurde verweigert.

    Please Check it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar

    Hello Cyberflip,

    We have looked into this issue and you are safe, it is not a virus.

    This error is due to a security algorythm used by our website that some anti-virus detect as a virus. You could mark this as an exception in your security software so it does not appear again.

    For any further issue, please contact the following mail:

    Best regards, Freepik's Team!

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    Merciii freepik :)

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    Belíssimo trabalho, de muita ajuda a todos.

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    Love this group

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    thanx girs&boyz nice work!

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    You guys... <3 kiss to each of you! :*

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    thanks u freepike's Team

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    You guys are awesome

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    Hello freepike's Team , nice your work!

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    Thanks for being awesome! Keep up your great works!

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    mil gracias con sus trabajo me han sacado de apuros muchas gracias

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    thank you so much..awesome uploads

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    thanks u freepike's Team

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    thank you for the job BEST OF THE BEST VECTORS GRAPHIC

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    Thank you so so much guys u and your design r amazing :)

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    Love the fact that you're spanish!!!!

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    I'm so grateful I came across this website. Thank you so much for the amazing design! :)

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    like join freepik team

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    Nice team. you guys are doing a great job. keep it up. love you all

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    Great job, lovely team. all your works are you guys..thumb up

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    I'm so glad i discovered freepik.

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    Amazing, I wanna join!!!

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