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You can send us any kind of query or suggestion as well as report any error or incidence through our support email:

Please remember that Freepik's Support Service is only available in english language. If you please could write to us in this language we will be glad to help you with your issues.


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    after registration changed language setting to English. How to change the language setting?

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    Hello Ferintosh,

    Once you are on Freepik's home page, scroll down and you will be able to find the different language options offered by our site.

    Best regards, Freepik's Team.

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    Good afternoon
    I have a problem
    I can not download anything from Freepik, absolutely nothing
    I hope they can help me
    Thanks (account:
    I live in Bolivia

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    Hello Freepik,

    I'm from Malaysia, I couldn't download any file from I already clear cache on my browser. I also try in various browsers too. Here I attached the error as screen shot in this link "" "" Please help me to solve this issue. Kindly reply to

    Thank you.
    D.T Raj

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    hi. i just registered (with a facebook account). When I hit the follow button of anyone, it show me the profile page instead. I think I have to fill the profile first but I can't. After hit save button, a red sentence appear that says: "The repeat new password is different than new password". I can't find the "repeat new password" anywhere in the page. Is it a bug?

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    Hi, when I try to download appear that I reach the limit. This is not correct. In my perfil says i have not download anything. Please help, whith this problem I doubt to change to premium.

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