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How can I change my credit card information?

If you desire to change your credit card information for any reason, please cancel your subscription and once your premium membership has reached it's end date, acquire your new subscription plan using your new credti card information.



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    I should be able to change my credit card anytime!

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    Agreed! This process for changing credit card info is a pain in the butt!

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    It is a real nuisance and presumably you lose your download history??!!! Why is it not possible to just amend your credit card details please?? All cards expire and it should not be necessary to cancel your subscription to do this.. Not cool Freepik!! :-(

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    I've just changed my info for payment, and there is a listing for freepik on my bank statement, however it hasn't loaded in the system to show that I've paid? Just be patient for it to reload or do I have to redo everything all over again?

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