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How many resources can I download per day?

Registered user:

As a Free User, you have a download limit of 30 downloads per day.

Remember that every click on the download button will count as a download, so please be patient until your download starts after the first click. 

The download limit will be restored at 23:59:59 GMT +02.

If you desire to extend this limitiation you must acquire any of our subscription plans. You can check our membership offers on the following link:


Premium user:

As a Premium user, you have a limit of 100 downloads per day.

We wish to allow our users to download a high number of resources. However, to avoid users not making a responsible usage of the downloads we have stated this limit. The downloads allowed are enough for most of our users but we understand that there might be users who may need to download more resources for specific purposes that are in accordance with our terms of use. If you are in this situation, please send us an email to and we will be happy to help.

Please note that the download limit will be restored at 23:59:59 GMT +02.


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