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FAQs for design instructors

Are you part of the team of design instructors who work with us or would you like to become one and you need more information before you apply? Have a look at the following questions and answers for more info!


1) How will I get payed for my tutorials?

We pay for each tutorial once it is sent and evaluated by us. The price might vary depending on the length, difficulty and other aspects of the tutorial and it's set with the art director.
2) How long should my tutorials be?

You must judge the length of your tutorial, because you are the one that knows the time required for each step. we put no length limits! Just so you know, the regular length of our video tutorials is from 2 to 30 minutes, and you can always split the video in two parts. But we also make longer tutorials which we call “courses” that might last 1:30 and are divided by lessons.

For written tutorials the average is around 20 steps , but as we said before, there are no limits.


3) What are our tutorials about? Do I choose my own topics?

Our platform tutorials are about design, illustration, animation… all digital art related. Normally you turn in a list of possible tutorial you can do, and the art director in charge picks the ones he/she is interested in.


4) Do I have to send in something else?

If it is your first time working with us, you should send a little bio of yourselg with all your social media.
For every tutorial, you should send us a .JPG (1349x705 px) of the image that results after you have followed all the tutorial steps, for the blog hear header and a little written intro.
Also we would require the .AI or .PSD of the final result because sometimes we have to make adjustments for our social media.


5) What format should I send my tutorials?

For written tutorials, you must turn in two things:

  - A .doc (please avoid .PDF files) with the tutorial itself, step by step, with all the images included as they would appear in the de final post on our web.

  - A folder with all the images named in order (example: 01, 02, 03…). Images must be 830px wide, and if in one of the steps you have more than one image, please put them all together in the same image, with a white background.

For video tutorials you must send:

  - An .mp4 file, format H.264, size 1920x1080


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