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FAQs for design tutors

Are you part of the team of design tutors who work with us or maybe you’re thinking about applying and you’d like some more information before you do? Take a look at some of our frequently asked questions to help you.


  1 ) How will I get paid for my courses/tutorials?

We pay for each course or tutorial once it’s been received and evaluated by us. The price is set by the Art Director and may vary depending on the length, difficulty and other aspects.

2) How long should my courses/tutorials be?

There are no real time limits to our courses and tutorials, so it’s up to you how you structure it. However, the typical length of our tutorials is from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Our courses are usually longer (approx. 2 hours) and are divided into lessons.

We also have text tutorials that again, vary in length depending on what it is you want to teach.  


3) What are our courses/tutorials about? Do I choose my own topics?

Our courses and tutorials are about design, illustration, animation… everything digital art related. Usually you submit your proposal to the Art Director and then he/she will guide you in structuring and creating your tutorial or course.


4) Do I have to send in anything else?

If it’s your first time working with us, you should send a little bio of yourself that includes your social media links.


For every tutorial and course, we need two .JPG images of the end result, in two different sizes: 1280x720 px and 800 x 800 px. and a description of what the course is about.


We also require the .AI or .PSD of the end result because sometimes we have to make adjustments to the image for our social media.


5) What format should I send my courses and tutorials in?

We have a new system for our tutors where they can upload their text tutorials directly to our website. However, if you’re sending your tutorial to your assigned Art Director then we need:

  - A .PDF or .doc that includes the tutorial itself, step by step, with all the images included as they would appear on our site.

  - A folder with all the images named in order (example: 01, 02, 03…). Images must be 830px wide. If for one of the steps you have more than one image, please put them all together in the same image, with a white background.

For video tutorials we need:

  - An .mp4 file (minimum 30 fps) format H.264, size 1920x1080


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