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Blueprint & Play (.psd)

Photoshop mockup files have become very sought after in the last years, and they have become more and more complex over time. Usually, in order to customize a mockup setup, you update the contents of each Smart Object in the picture. But Freepik has something new to offer to you: Original Mockups. Original Mockups have developed a revolutionary system, which they have called "Blueprint & Play".


Step 1. Instal the action pack (.atn) that comes with the file (.psd).

  • Double click on the file (.atn).
  • Check on the Actions window that the “Mockups Action Pack” has been loaded.


Step 2. Edit contents.

  • Right click on Blue Layers, select Edit contents. Place your design. The design will not be visible yet, you have to wait until the action (Step 3) is completed.


Step 3. Run the action.

  • What action should I reproduce for my file? Please reproduce the action or actions that is indicated in the Help Guide of each file.


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