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Why have my files been rejected?

As you may know, we receive thousands of files everyday and it’s pretty hard to tell the reasons of the rejection for each file.

Therefore, here’s a list of the reasons of rejection:

- The quality of files doesn’t fulfill the quality standards requested on our website.

- Repeated or similar files with a slight difference in between each other (color change, different size…).

- Your files don’t follow the previously requested specifications (dimensions, titles, tags…).

- We have detected a copyright infringement and your portfolio will be removed.

- If you have sent files for validation and have been rejected before, don’t send them again because if we did not select it before, means we are not interested in those files.

- Festivities files should be sent at least one month before the specific date not past de festivity date. Otherwise, they will be rejected. However, you can send it again closer to the date.


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