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FTP and contributor system

To upload a file via FTP, all you have to do is gain access from any FTP client, complete the information we provide you with and upload the corresponding files. You can do this by dragging the files to your FTP directory and the client will start the upload. Take a look at our conection guide here. To see the technical requirements of the files you want to upload click here or at the bottom of the page.

Once your files are uploaded, you have to go to your Contributor Dashboard and check the files in "My uploads" / "Not yet submitted" section. You can check if we have detected some errors and correct them. When your files will be validated you can click the "Start publication" button in the bottom of the page. The system will automatically continue the process. 


The different stages are as follows:

  • Under revision: This stage indicates that your files are being processed by the system. The technical requirements are tested. The metadata is also checked to make sure it is correct and complete. During this stage our content department will select the files that meet the artistic and design criteria and they will also decide whether the files will be Premium or Selection. The files could remain in this stage up to a few days.
  • Recent rejections: If the files don’t meet our requirements, whether technical or design related, they will appear here. We will also share with you the motive of the rejection. We are working towards offering a more detailed feedback on why files are rejected, to make it easier for you in the future to meet the required standards.
  • Waiting to tag: if the files are in this stage, it means everything was correct, however the metadata did not associate with your files. Via the website you have to fill in the data that is missing. If you would like, you can read some more information on how to catalogue in our guides: How to Tag Vectors and PSD’s and How to Tag Photos.
  • Published: Here, we will indicate the files that have been published on the website. We will give you statistics of the number of downloads and favourites your files have received. Gradually, we will expand this information, so you always know how your files are getting along.


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