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How to upload files by ftp?



Before uploading files to FTP, you need download and install an FTP client, for example: Filezilla.

Download Filezilla


The username is the same as your Freepik Username but in order to obtain your password, you need to click on “Upload my Files” and if you scroll down, you have the access to the FTP log in. In order to view the password, just click on the eye icon as shown in the image below:

Image 1: Page Upload files of the contributor panel.


Once you have the username and password and FTP host, open a program such as Filezilla and enter your details in the bar shown in the image below:


Image 2: Ftp client configuration.


Once you log in you have drag to the right of the program all the vector / photos you would us to make a selection.


Image 3: Empty ftp directory


Photos requirements

All photos need to have:

  • Integrated in .jpg titles and tags (click here to read guideline on how to tag photos)
  • Maximum be 8000px and Minimum 2000px
  • Cannot include watermark or band name
  • File Size should be more than 1500k
  • Cannot include brand / company logo (por example Apple, Samsung, Acer...)
  • You must Include a model release contract when sending photos with models and/or include property release if photo has private spaces


Image 4: Example upload vectors



Image 5: Example upload vectors with CSV


Vectors requirements (.eps)

All vector files need to have a .jpg + .eps with the same name (.ai format is optional).

The .jpg needs to be minimum 2000px and maximum 8000px

We need the .eps files to be:

  • Each file must have the .eps file version CS6. .ai is optional.
  • RGB color mode, and if they contain text that is expanded.
  • If you are sending Textures, send the original .jpg file as a photo and not as vector file. 

For get the metadata (titles and tags) of your files you can do it by two ways:


Image 6: Example upload vectors



Image 7: Example upload vectors with CSV 



Image 8: Example upload vectors and photos with CSV 



You can view the list of your uploaded files in your panel (My uploads / Not yet submitted), here you can see the files before been processed.

Here you can check if your files meet the technical requirements and correct the errors in order to publish them. Once you verify all your files are validated, you can continue the process clicking in the "Start publication" button, in the bottom of the "Not yet submitted" page.


Remember that there are three levels for uploading files:

Level 1: You have to upload a minimum of 20 graphic resources. Until you don't have 20 images Published, remember to continue uploading a minimum of 20 files for selection

Level 2: You can upload a minimum of 20 files and a maximum of 100 files. Until you don't have a minimum of 100 files Published, you will not pass to Level 3.

Level 3: You proved you are an amazing Contributor! You have to continue uploading a minimum of 20 files but you don't have any limit as maximum!


Please allow up to 20 working days for your files to be uploaded. If you see in 20 working days the files are still not visible in your profile then please contact [email protected]



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