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Vector guidelines


1.1 Technical requirements for the vector file:

· EPS in CS6 or an newer version is acceptable.

· The maximum size of the file permitted is 80 MB.

· The Color Mode must be set to RGB.

1.2 Live tracing: Vectors designed using Live Trace are permitted as long as they are presented organized and tidy. Vectors made using a Live Trace that have not been cleaned up will not be accepted. The exception to this are high quality scanned images of watercolor, ink, grunge effects, etc. (the author must own the rights to the original image).

1.3 Organizing layers: The layers must be arranged properly, using various layers if necessary. The names of each layer must be written correctly in English.

1.4 Fonts: All fonts used for the designs must be free for commercial use. The fonts can only be outlined in the following circumstances: - When the style and shape of the font is an essential part of the design. - In the case the font has an effect applied to it that does not allow the text to remain without being traced. - If the font is created by the same author as the design. Texts that do not fall into these categories must remain editable so our users are able to use them correctly.



2.1 Rejected designs: Images that were rejected in a previous selection will not be accepted.

2.2 Content associated with holidays and important dates: A resource is most visible when it has just been published. That is why the latest publications must take into account important holidays, festivities and events. Once the holiday is over, designs that reference this theme won’t be accepted until the date comes around again. FOR EXAMPLE: Halloween illustrations in November will not be accepted.

2.3 Content that has already been published: It is not permitted to send in content that is already published on the website.

2.4 Texts and languages: If the design contains messages or texts, it is preferable that these are in English. With the exception of messages relating to holidays or events of specific locations, countries or cultures.

2.5 Social media: If the design contains social media logos, these must be updated. 2.6 USE OF FREEPIK CONTENT: Designs that contain elements that have already been published at Freepik, whether by the same author or (especially) by other authors, will not be accepted.

2.7 Repetitions: Content that has been duplicated in various designs will not be accepted. A design is not considered different to another if all that has been modified is the position, the color or the size of the elements. Designs must have substantial differences between one another. It’s important that the designer makes sure they are not sending in duplicate content.


2.8 Simple designs: Designs with only one element or elements that are too simple will not be accepted. In the case that the element is correct but too simple, it is recommended to present it in a themed pack with other similar designs.


2.9 Updated dates: If the design contains a year (e.g. 2017), it will only be accepted if this coincides with the current year. In the case that year is coming to an end, designs will be accepted that include the following year.



3.1 Plagiarism and copyright: Designs that are too similar to others in concept or technique will not be accepted. In the case a published design is thought to copy or plagiarize the content of another author, it will be removed immediately. This infraction is very severe and if committed by any user, the offer of collaboration may be finalized.

3.2 Logos, trademarked brands and characters: Designs that contain logos or brands with Copyright will not be accepted. The same applies to designs containing fictional characters that are too similar to those registered by other companies. The only exception to this rule are social media icons.

3.3 Fonts: All fonts used in the designs must be free for commercial use. The only exception are those fonts created by the author of the design.

3.4 Editorial design and images with templates: Photos cannot be included in the the editable files. The photo may only be included in the design preview JPG shown on the website and it must be free for commercial use. In this case, the message IMAGE NOT INCLUDED must be displayed on the preview image.

If this message does not appear, the file will be rejected with the reason "MISSING IMAGE NOT INCLUDED".



4.1 Icons and pictograms: Icons and pictograms will only be accepted when they are presented as part of a collection and have some complexity regarding color, details, etc.

4.2 Order and presentation: Packs and groups of elements should be tidy and well presented. The objects mustn’t be too close to the edges of the design. The distribution of the design’s elements should be carefully organized.


5.1 Sensitive themes: Designs containing violent, pornographic or sensitive content that we consider could in some way offend our users, will not be accepted.


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