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Is a special software required to edit Freepik resources?

Freepik uses Adobe Illustrator CS6 to create the resources offered to our users. If you want to modify any of our images, please make sure you are using a software and version which are compatible with these kind of files.

To edit any of Freepik's resources you must open the editable AI/EPS files with a vector editing software such as Illustrator. Once you have done this, you can then edit the image however you like.

  • Ai files (vectors): a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator is needed in order to open the files and edit them.
  • PSD files: these must be opened and edited with Adobe Photoshop. Gimp may be used as well, but it's not always compatible with all the file’s features.
  • Images: there’s a lot of free image editing software available (Gimp, Pixlr, as well as paid programs too, like Adobe Photoshop.



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    thank you, I use The Gimp as a software edition, and is so easy to do, good article, is very useful

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    como consigo ese software gratis??

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    Gimp es gratis, solo buscalo en la red y bajalo. Funciona como photoshop pero gratis.

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    Tambien inkscape es gratis. Inkscape es para modificar inmagenes vectorizadas.

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    Thanks @nohive for your suggestion.

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    Se puede moficar los vectores con inkscape? ya que solo cuando descargo iconos me da la opcion de descargar como svg, pero al descargar una imagen no tiene esa opcion :/

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