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Most used image file formats (Raster images)

Bitmap graphics file formats (Raster images)


  • PSD ("PhotoShop Document"): Standard photoshop format with layer support.
  • TIFF ("Tagged Image File Format"): It allows image compression with no quality loss. This is an lternative to PSD with less size.
  • JPEG ("Joint Photographic Expert Group"): An image compression system which is very popular on the Internet.
  • PDF ("Portable Document Format"): It allows to store vector images and bitmaps. Very useful for files to be printed.
  • GIF ("Graphics Interchange Format"): It allows to use 256 colours and animation layers.
  • PNG ("Portable Network Graphics"): It uses a compression system and allows transparencies. It has the same use as GIF files but with better quality.
  • RAW ("Right Angle Weave"): Also known as digital negative. They are very popular in photography.


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