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What am I allowed to do with my premium subscription licenses?

The license allows you to use the “Freepik Selection” content without having to credit the author (Freepik), provided that you purchased one of the available subscription plans.

Where you can use Freepik resources:

- Websites

- Software, apps, games
- Printed and digital media (magazines, newspapers, books, cards, labels, CD, DVD, films, television, video, e-mail)
- Advertisement and promotional items
- Presentation of products and public events
- Multimedia
- Decoration (either private or public)


What you CAN do:

- You have the non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub licensable right to use the licensed material an unlimited number of times in any and all media for the professional or personal uses listed above.
- You may alter and create derivative works.
- Your rights to the Licensed Material apply worldwide.


What you CAN'T do:

- Sublicense, sell or rent any Freepik content (or a modified version of Freepik Content).
- Distribute FreePik Content unless it has been expressly authorized by Freepik.
- Include Freepik Content in an online or offline database or file.
- Offer Freepik designs for download.
- Use any of Freepik's images as the main theme or the only theme of your designs.
- Acquire the copyright of any Freepik content.



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    Hello, I am a designer and can I purchase the license on behalf of my client from my account for their book cover design? If so, do I need to pass the purchased license to them?

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    Please help. I need urgent answer.

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    Hello Prabapraba,

    If you have acquired any of our Plans, you will have access to the licenses that will allow you to use our resources without attribution always you comply the usage stated by our Terms of Use.

    There is no need for you to pass the licenses to your clients, these licenses will ensure you the premission to use our images for your personal/commercial projects without attribution.

    Best regards, we hope we you have found this information helpful!

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    Buenas noches, quisiera saber si al adquirir por un mes el servicio y al descargar, transformar la imagen puedo convertirla en la imagen de mi empresa ??? muchas gracias

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    Hello IRESTREP,

    We are sorry to inform you that you are not allowed to use any of Freepik's resources (or parts of them) on your logotypes or brands because this usage of our images will interfere with our Terms of Use. Please remember the copyright of all the images designed exclusively by Freepik remains to it's author (Freepik). Freepik does not sell the copyright of their images in any case. If you desire, you may use our resources as inspiration to create your own design.

    Best regards and thank you for your comprehension.

    Freepik's Team!

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    Hi there, can you clarify please, if I have downloaded assets with my premium account the license has my username. The work I'm doing with the assets is going to a client's commercial app. Will my client need to buy a separate license for the respective asset or can I transfer the license? Thanks

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    I was wondering I'm making videos with the premium member license and selling the video to a customer, is this ok?

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    hi if i subscribe as freak premium can i use the image and template to create calendar and sell them to clients?

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    Hi there, If I bought an icon set for a mobile app for a client, can I transfer the license to them so they can use these icons on their app?

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    With a premium subscription can I:

    1. Create an invitation or other printable artwork and sell the same file to different clients as an instant download?

    2. Create an invitation or other printable artwork that people can download for free? Example: A PDF file of a sign using a vector graphic from freepik that anyone can download, print and use for personal use.

    3. Use vector graphics in an ebook that people can either purchase or download for free?

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    FreePik support team, can you please answer below. Thank you

    With a premium subscription can I:

    1. Create an invitation or other printable artwork and sell the JPG/PDF to my online store customers?

    2. Create an invitation or greeting card or other printable artwork that people can download for free on my website? My visitors can download, print and use for personal use.

    ** Your graphics is not the main composition in my designs and is secondary**

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    Hi Support,

    I'm interested in the answers for the last 2 questions. Could you please provide an answer.

    Many thanks

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