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Can I keep using Freepik resources once my monthly or annual plan has expired?

Once you obtain any Freepik subscription plan, you’ll receive a link to download a license every time you download an image from Freepik Selection.

These licenses in PDF format, will allow you to use Freepik's resources without crediting the author and they’ll remain active even when your premium membership expires.

Please remember that you must keep the licenses you have downloaded to ensure a correct use of our resources. You’ll only be able to download these licenses during your premium membership and not after this has expired.



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    So if I have a Monthly plan, and download some pics, add to my website and cancel my subscription, can I still use the pics?

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    Hello Bongobongo,

    Yes. Please remember that to continue using the images without attribution you must comply correctly the Terms of Use stated on the licenses of the images.

    Best regards, Freepik's Team.

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    So in this case, are you saying that yes one may still use the images after the premium expiration but if used they must be attributed?

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    Thay are saying that if you get a membership for 30 days you can download your images. Download the liscens when you are done, cancel your membership, and continue to use the images without attribution. Don,t lose the license and your done. You basically paid for your images. Just don't use them in violation of the terms in which you purchased them under.

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    how about if I want to purchase licenses for only few images? I mean do u have any per image rate?

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