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How can I edit fonts on a downloaded image?

Follow the steps below to edit the fonts of the images you downloaded on Freepik: 


1. Open the downloaded ZIP file:


2. Open the AI/EPS file. If you don't have this font installed in your computer, the following message will appear:



3. Open the file called Fonts.txt Here you will find the names and the links of the fonts used in the image, which you can download for free:


4. Download the fonts via the links and install them on your computer.

Click on the following link to learn how to install them:


5. Once you’ve installed your new fonts correctly, open the AI/EPS file again and the image will now have an editable font that you can adjust by double-clicking on the text or using the TEXT tool in the software.




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    It wasn't, I can't freaking edit the text

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    me too!

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    me too need guidance pl

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    I wasn't even able to find the .txt-file in the zip-file.
    I checked 5 different sets but no .txt-file to be seen anywhere...?

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    Hola necesito ayuda

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    quiero editar el psd y no se puede y no me aparecen las fuentes

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