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How can I use Freepik's resources for commercial purposes?


In this guide we will explain the different ways you can use our resources applied to commercial use. Please remember to check our Terms of Use to ensure that you are using our images correctly complying these terms which are applied for Premium and Free users equally.

Terms of Use


  • Can I use Freepik's resources as the main element of my main product?

You are allowed to use our images as the main element of the end product if you are working for one specific client. You will not be allowed to use this designs (flyers, posters....) as main elements if you are selling them to multiple clients though this will be considered as a redistribution of our resources.

One example of this usage is if you are a freelance designer and a client has ordered you to design for him a business card, you may download the business card from Freepik's offer and deliver to your client the printed product a PNG/PDF file of the card, but never an editable file which includes our resources.

This same example can be applied to invitation cards, flyers, posters....

If you download Freepik's resources for free you must include the attribution line "Designed by Freepik" on the products you are willing to sell. In case your desire is not to include this attribution line, you must acquire any of Freepik Plans.



  • Can I use Freepik's resources to create products and sell them on my shop?

No, the policies stated on our Terms of Use do not allow this usage of our resources though this will be considered as a redistribution of our resources.


  •  Can I use Freepik's resources on printed products aimed to sell?

 If you desire to use our resources for this commercial purposes you must make sure that our resources are not the principal element of the designs that you are willing to include on your products.

This means that you must add other third party designs or self made images to create the composition of the design and use our images as backgrounds or secondary elements on this composition.

The usage of multiple Freepik images to create a design will be considered as the main element of the design though all the images will belong to Freepik.

In the following steps you will find an example of how you must use our resources for this kind of use:

  • If you download any of Freepik's resources you must make sure that the elements that you select from our image are not used in your own design as the principal element of your composition. This means that if you download the following image from Freepik you will not be authorized to use it as the example shows:


  • To ensure a correct usage of our resources you must make sure that our resources work as secondary elements on the end product. Here you will be able to see an example of the correct usage of our images:


This example can be applied to all the images offered in Freepik, such as patterns, textures.... 


  •  Can I use Freepik's resources as logotypes or to create logotypes for personal/commercial use?

You are not authorized to use our resources to create logotypes though you will not be able to register or buy the copyright of our images neither our images can be associated to trademarks or personal/business image.


  • Can I use Freepik's images on my App/Game/Video which will be sold?

As long as you comply the policies regarding the usage of our resources as second elements of your end product, you insert the attribution in case you are not a premium user and you do not redistribute our resources.


  • Can I use Freepik's resources to create derivative artwork pieces and sell this ones?

No, if you create a derivative artwork piece from any of our resources you can use this one for personal use always you have included the attribution (unless you are a premium member). You are not authorized to sell any derivative artwork created using our images as the source of your artwork. 


We hope you find this information helpful, if you have more doubts related with the usage of our resources please contact us and we will be glad to help you!



  • Avatar

    Can I use vectors from [s] selection to design our company xmas card
    (not to sell)? Can I need separate agreement for this? thx

  • Avatar

    Can i use freepick potos on single websites for a individual client?

  • Avatar

    Can I use freepick photos or vectors to create New year card (jpg/png) and post, share or provide link for people to download for free (no sale, it's like a complimentary for our members and visitors)? Please advise.

  • Avatar

    Hi, am I allowed to use free vectors for flyer purposes since I am doing cross vector designs? But we are not selling the flyer, we are giving it for free

  • Avatar

    As a premium user can I use a vector image as part of a logo for a charity... it would be approx less than 20% of the overall logo design. Examples of use are on stationary, running vests/t-shirts for club members and for club use.

  • Avatar

    Suppose I have the premium license, downloaded an image, I used that image on a website that I developed for a client. After 12 months I can no longer renew the license.
    Do I lose the right to use this image that I have already downloaded and used on the website I created for my client? I mean, do I have to remove this image that I used on my client's website?

  • Avatar

    How can I accredit the author images for commercial purposes inside Facebook??

  • Avatar

    Hello, I would like to know if I am a premium user, can I use the images in the creations of Logos, Visual Identity for my Customers? Thanks.

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    As a premium member can I use a part of a creation as the main product for commercial purposes?

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    aku kok rak mudeng? ki situs opo yah??

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    Puedo incluir logo de mi empresa en sus plantillas , para uso en redes soy?

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