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How can I download the license for each resource?

These PDF licenses allow you to use Freepik's resources without crediting the author and they will remain active even when your Premium membership has expired.

There are a few different ways to download the PDF licenses of our resources once you’ve purchased your subscription:

  • Once you’ve downloaded your chosen image, you’ll have the option to download the license document directly from our website, as you can see in the following example below:



  • Inside the ZIP file of the downloaded image you’ll find a TXTfile called *License*, where you can download a link for the License document:



  • You’ll also be able to download the licenses of your images from the download section. You can access this option from your profile -> downloads or using the following link:

Please remember to download the license PDF files while your subscription is active and keep them in a safe place, since you won't be able to download them again when you don't have a subscription anymore.



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