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How can I become a Premium Member of Freepik?

If you desire to become a premium member to use Freepik's Selection & Premium resources without attribution, you must acquire any of our subscription plans. 

Freepik currently offers two different subscription plans which can be purchased with credit/debit card or using Paypal. We regret to inform you that Freepik does not accept any other payment methods.

Our monthly plan is a monthly based payment of $9.99 USD/month. 


Our annual plan is an annual based payment of $89.99 USD/year that will save you 3 months, compared to paying our monthly subscription. 


These subscriptions renew automatically (every month or every year, depending on your subscription) unless you wish to cancel the option of the automatic renewal. You can cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription following the steps provided here

Please, before cancelling the automatic renewal of your plan, make sure you have received the confirmation email of your purchase.


*Due to legal reasons, premium users based in Germany and China will not be allowed to make their purchase via Paypal. Payments with credit/debit card are available.



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    Hello there great Freepik team, I have question, if I start with monthly plan can I upgrade later to annual plan? Thanks.

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    Hello Jonatanyair,

    Yes, you can choose to upgrade your subscription plan from monthly to annual whenever you desire.

    Best regards and thank you, Freepik's Team.

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    No plano mensal posso baixar quantas imagens eu quiser em 30 dias? tem algum limite?

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    I cannot subscribe to Premium Service. I have sent message to Support. Now, I tried it again and it just gives me Loop and unable to proceed. I would like to subscribe for an Annual Plan using Credit Card

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    Hi! I just want to know if I have Premium member so I can dowload vector and use it for my T shirt designs ?

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    If I use only one vector for commercial use as logo of my business, it is recommendable become a Premium member?

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    Can I pay with paypal? I only see "credit card".

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    How can I pay with paypal? I only see "credit card". I do not have a credit card.

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    Same here, I try to pay by credit card, but all I get is spinning logo. I

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