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FAQs for exclusive designers







What kind of files can I upload to Freepik?

Currently, we’re only looking for vector illustrations (AI & EPS) from our exclusive designers.


Test instructions

For the test, you’ll have to create 3 vector illustrations where you show your full potential in the style that suits you best in the themes we give you.

You have to upload your images of the final design in JPG format (2000x2000 px, 72 ppi). Thus, sketches and/or files with a different format aren’t acceptable.

When taking the test, have this in mind:

  • Freepik is a stock image database, so the designs must be useful to our users.
  • They must be vector files. We use Illustrator and we need both the AI and EPS files to be in CS6 version. There mustn’t be any bitmap image in the design.
  • You can’t use resources from Freepik, from any other external web or from your own portfolio to create the designs. They must be 100% exclusive.

*The rights to the images sent for the test belong to the author until after he/she, if selected, agrees to a transfer of rights to Freepik so we can purchase it and publish it.


Preparing the files for Freepik

  • Illustrator files
    • Color mode: RGB
    • Artboard size: 500x500 px
    • Must be in EPS and AI formats, CS6 version
  • Each design must have 3 files: AI, EPS and JPG (2000x2000 px). The total size can’t exceed 100 MB.
  • Text must be left editable (except in some specific cases where it’s not necessary). Only free fonts from this website are allowed.
  • They must include Freepik’s signature without drop shadows or effects.
  • There mustn’t be elements outside the artboard. If any of the elements go over the boundaries, the best option is to use a clipping mask.


Layer arrangement in Illustrator:

The content of the files must be intuitive and user-friendly. That’s why it’s essential to properly group all the elements of the composition.

To arrange the elements, you must create 3 or 4 layers, depending on the design:

  1. The main layer will be called “OBJECTS” and it will contain the elements of the design. Each element must be grouped in a coherent way, always taking into account the user experience when selecting each object. This layer must be left unlocked.
  2. The bottom layer will be called “BACKGROUND” and it will contain the background. This layer must be left locked.
  3. There will be another layer called “DESIGNED BY FREEPIK” and it will contain Freepik’s signature. This layer must be left unlocked, and it’s important that the signature appears perfectly visible on the design.
  4. In case it’s necessary, perhaps because there’s a layer on top with an effect or a texture for the design, there will be a fourth layer called “TEXTURE”. It must be left locked to avoid interfering with the selection of the main objects.


How to export the preview in JPG

You can generate the preview in JPG by saving the design for web and readjusting the size settings.


Using Live Trace

Using this tool is not allowed, with the following exceptions:

  • Watercolor textures and splashes: They can be created manually, and then you can scan or take a picture of them to subtly trace them later on.
  • Watercolor illustrations: They can be created manually, and then you can scan or take a picture of them to trace them later on.

Using this tool with external images or resources is not allowed.


Using typefaces

Every single text must be editable, with the following exceptions:

  • When using set phrases or fixed expressions such as “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Birthday”, et cetera.
  • When they have an applied effect that doesn’t allow leaving the text without tracing.
  • When the style and shape of the text proper is an essential part of the design.
  • When the font has been manually created by the designer him/herself.

In cases where the font hasn’t been manually created by the designer him/herself, only free fonts from this website are allowed.


Freepik’s signature

Every single file on Freepik must include the signature we provide you. It must be centered to the artboard, but its vertical position (up, down or center) will depend on the design. Applying effects, gradients or shadows to it is not allowed, and it must appear with a legible color.



What kind of styles are you looking for at Freepik?

Once you are part of our team, your assigned art director will give you a theme and the required style.

What should I make my content about?

Your art director will assign you a number of themes. Your illustrations should be based on those themes and you must send them within the agreed deadline.

How many files would I need to send to become an exclusive designer for Freepik?

You must send in a minimum of 40 illustrations a month. There is no maximum number of illustrations.

What happens if I don’t get to the monthly 40-design minimum?

If this happens due to a justified cause and only from time to time, it would be a matter of discussing this with your coordinator. However, if this become a more recurring occurrence, our collaboration with you can be ended for this reason.

How do I send my content in for revision?

As a designer, you’ll have access to our internal system, where your art director will assign you your theme and, from there, you’ll be able to send in your content to be validated or to receive the corresponding feedback.

Is there a deadline within which I have to send in my resources?

Yes. Your art director will assign a deadline for you to send in your files. In general, our designers have weekly objectives to reach.

Can I upload my resources directly to Freepik or do I have to send them to my coordinator?

Once you become an exclusive designer for Freepik, you’ll have access to our internal system, where you’ll be able to upload your images quickly and easily. Keep in mind that your files must be revised and validated by your art director before being published. You can also ask your art director to guide you or clear up any question you might have.

How long will I have to wait for my resources to be validated?

Validation and publishing can take between 1 to 5 working days. In some cases, it could be more, depending on the kind of files you send.



How much will I earn for my resources?

Your assigned coordinator will establish a set price per resource once you have completed an initial test to verify the quality of your work. To become one of our exclusive designers is something that requires very high standards.

How will I be paid and how often?

Your invoice will be generated in our system between the 4th and the 9th of each month. Then, you can validate it at your task panel. The payment will be made between the 10th and the 15th of each month.

What payment model does Freepik use for its payments?

Once you become part of our team, we’ll give you access to our internal payment system. Payments will be made through PayPal or Payoneer. For countries within the SEPA, the payment can be made via bank transfer, as long as the bank account number has an IBAN format.

What kind of commitment do I have? Is the contract legally binding?

The contract specifies the collaboration conditions. However, both parties may terminate it, as long as any of them notifies the other a few days in advance.

Could I get an employment certificate?

Freepik does not offer the possibility to issue an employment certificate for its exclusive designers, as the relationship is strictly collaborative.

Do I have to be registered as self-employed to become an external collaborator? Do I have to send invoices?

Yes, it is essential that our exclusive designers are registered as self-employed and can issue and send invoices. The stipulated payment model requires invoicing for us to purchase the images.

How do I manage holidays? What happens if I am on leave or get sick?

If on leave due to illness, as it would be an unforeseen event, notifying your coordinator of your situation would be enough. In the case of holidays, the best thing to do is to plan them in advance to keep your coordinator updated and achieve the minimum of monthly tasks.

I can’t see any invoice. Why?

Remember that you need to validate your invoice between the 4th and the 9th of each month. Outside this time frame, no validation-pending invoices will show up. If you have already validated your invoice, it will show up between the 10th and the 15th as payment-pending. If, for some reason, you couldn’t validate your invoice between the given time frame, you’ll be able to validate it the following month, and the income generated will be accumulated.

How long my contract lasts for? Can I terminate it at any time?

The exclusive designer contract has no expiration date. Both parties may terminate it at any time, and you’ll earn the amount of income still to be collected.

What do I need to know about the billing of the earnings generated by my services and content? These earnings include taxes?

All earnings shown on your user panel are without taxes applied. Once the invoice is generated, the final amount to earn will vary depending on the taxes applicable to the user in particular.

Freepik pays off the taxes applicable to my country or do I need to do it?

Freepik pays off the taxes applicable to Spain, complying with tax regulations and trying to make it easy for its users to meet their tax settlement. However, Freepik does not actively take part in its users’ tax settlement. If you need information about tax settlement, we suggest that you seek advice from your tax adviser.

My payment platform is charging me a commission whenever I receive the payment for my invoice.

At no time Freepik is responsible for the costs derived from the invoice payments. These costs must be assumed by the user, and it’s he/she who needs to discuss it with his/her payment platform.

What is the VAT ID number? What document do I need to provide?

The VAT ID number is used to verify the identity and tax data of the user. In Spain, freelancers provide their ID, and companies provide their Tax ID card with the Spanish CIF/NIF number. For the rest of the companies based in the EU, they need to provide the VAT number, and, in the case of freelancers, their ID or passport. For non-EU countries, the company needs to provide its company registration document, and in the case of freelancers, their ID.

As a company, can I work as an exclusive designer?

Whether you are self-employed or a company, you can work for us as an exclusive designer. At the moment of signing the contract, you’ll need to provide us with the VAT ID card and number of your company for validation. Once we validate the information, we’ll activate the account for your company.



Will my resources be protected against plagiarism?

Freepik takes any kind of copyright infraction very seriously. As all of our users know, non-authorized distribution or inclusion of our content in any file or database of graphic resources is not allowed, and legal actions will be taken if that non-authorized content is not removed immediately.

Whenever we find that someone is committing copyright infringement, we contact that person at once and we inform that person of the legal consequences that they may be up against due to the incorrect usage of our resources.

Can I share my images on social media?

Yes, as long as the “Designed by Freepik” signature is always there, and the attribution is correctly mentioned when sharing the link.

What if my test designs are not selected? Do you still have the rights to those images?

No, we only purchase and publish on Freepik the images that pass our tests.


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