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Reasons for rejection


  1. Limited commercial value/ Insufficient standards 
  2. Group on a pack 
  3. Bitmapping vector files 
  4. Missing image not included tag 
  5. Auto trace vector files 
  6. Misspellings 
  7. Language not allowed
  8. Outdated 
  9. Similar Submissions 
  10. Duplicate 
  11. Plagiarism 
  12. Do not include attribution 
  13. Trademark and other legal issues + Copyright infringement 
  14. Ethical policies 
  15. Invalid file 
  16. Eps has no relation with the preview 
  17. Elements wrongly placed in the artboard 


Limited Commercial Value/Insufficient Standards

Looking at the number of downloads and the profitability we’ve received, we’ve considered that the image has not reached the correct number of downloads to be profitable. This could be due to a number of reasons: simplicity in the composition of the image, insufficient level of technical quality, a theme not sought out by our users…

We can also reject the images when they don’t meet the style requisites demanded by the company, aesthetically and technically speaking (the clarity, for example).


Group in a Pack

Your image does not meet with the minimum standards of complexity in the composition, but if it were grouped with similar assets it could be accepted. For example, the logos that are proposed individually, are more likely to be accepted if proposed in a pack of four.


Bitmapping Vector Files

Images that contain elements that are not vectors in the .eps file (photographs) will not be accepted. Editable photographs can only be included in the case the author can demonstrate that he/she has the rights to them, or if they are free of rights for commercial use.

In any case, only the preview design may be included on the webpage and must include the tag IMAGE NOT INCLUDED where it is visible on the preview file.

If there are no images of free commercial use, images from can be used in the way (.eps and preview file with tag).

This type of cases is common with templates, brochures, previews of business cards, and invitations that use backgrounds in the preview to create a more attractive presentation, but the .eps only contains vector elements.


Missing Image Not Including Tags

And image has been included in the previews that has not been included in the .eps. this must be specified with the tag IMAGE NOT INCLUDED in the preview.


Auto Trace Vector Files

If the design contains an interactive trace of a photograph, it will be rejected IN ALL CASES.

If an interactive has been done for textures or watercolors, the following specification must be kept in mind:

  • If the interactive trace is not detailed or if it can be scaled to a point that makes it clearly a trace, it will be rejected.
  • Although the interactive trace is only used as a background and not a main element (a wood background, for example), if it is bad, it will be rejected.



If the text in the design has any kind of mistake in spelling or misuse of language, will be rejected.


Language not allowed

We do not allow texts in any language apart from English. This will only be permitted in certain festivities where the use of the respective place's language would hold relevance.



The vectors that make reference to a past event (for example: Happy New year 2018!) will be rejected. If the festivity has already passed, but the vector does not include a date, it will be accepted. However, the ideal thing to do is to send the images within the recommended dates to optimize the profitability (two months before the actual date).


Similar Submissions

We will reject an image or images that hold too many similarities with previous uploads on the author’s profile, or with other images proposed in the upload.

We will not consider an image to be different to another if the only modification was the position of an element, its color, or its size.


  • Color changes: we will reject any color changes in designs that are easily modifiable, like in flat logos or in cards. However, if the color change implies also a change in design or is of a greater complexity, the color variants will be accepted (polygonal images, logos with gradients…)


  • Recycled elements: we do not want images with a level of image recycling of the elements is high. We will only accept recycled elements to a reasonable limit, if you were to abuse certain elements, the images would be rejected.


  • Elements separated vs in packs: if the same elements are sent separately and are also included in a pack, we will choose the pack.



If content that is already published or has already been rejected is sent in repeatedly we will consider it as an infraction.



A complete imitation of a vector or the reuse of elements from another author, no matter how small, will be considered plagiarism.

Designs that contain vector elements from designs already published on Freepik, both from the author and, especially, from others, will not be accepted.


Do Not Include Attribution

This is used when the contributor includes in his/her illustration the term “designed by Freepik” (or similar formulas).


Trademark and Other Legal Issues + Copyright Infringement

If the images contain assets that are copyrighted in other franchises, will not be allowed. For example, Adobe, Amazon, Nintendo… However, the use of social media icon is allowed.

Current characters and fictional characters will be rejected, due to image rights. For example, in the case of politicians, known superheroes, and Disney characters.

If they are historical characters, they may be selected, as with characters from ancient stories.


Ethical Policies

Designs containing political, violent, pornographic or those that we deem can be offensive or can affect the sensibilities of our users, will not be accepted.


Invalid Files

The .eps file or the previews contain errors that do not allow its complete or partial visualization.


Eps Has No Relation with The Preview

The .eps and the preview do not coincide completely (they are different images) or partially (they are the same illustration but with different elements, like in the color for example).


Elements Wrongly Placed on The Artboard

Elements have been left, forgotten outside of the artboard that are not part of the illustration: reference images, loose parts of the illustration, nodes that can generate a white boundary around the illustration.





  1. Limited Commercial Value/ Insufficient standards 
  2. Invalid File 
  3. Focus 
  4. Shutter speed 
  5. Noise 
  6. Poor lightning /Overexposed  
  7. Over-editing/ Over-filtering 
  8. Composition 
  9. Aberrant angle 
  10. Similar Submissions 
  11. Duplicate 
  12. Plagiarism 
  13. Trademark/ Copyright Infringement  
  14. Ethical policies 
  15. Outdated 
  16. Old-fashioned 
  17. Residual vignetting 
  18. Artifacts 
  19. Language not allowed/ Misspellings 


Limited Commercial Value/Insufficient Standards

Looking at the number of downloads and the profitability we’ve received, we’ve considered that the image has not reached the correct number of downloads to be profitable. This could be due to a number of reasons: simplicity in the composition of the image, insufficient level of technical quality, a theme not sought out by our users…

We can also reject the images when they don’t meet the style requisites demanded by the company, aesthetically and technically speaking (the clarity, for example).


Invalid File

Those files that, once uploaded, contain loading errors or those that are not strictly a photo.



The photograph must be well focused. They can present a justified selective focus, centering on a concrete part or object of the photograph, but the cannot show up unfocussed in their totality, excepting specific cases. An example of this would be backgrounds defocused on purpose by the author, known as “Blurred”. 


Shutter Speed

Images that are “moved”, or with definition and focal problems, because of being taken with a low shutter speed.   



This defect originates when the an elevate ISO use. The quantity of ISO that generates unwanted noise depends on the camera being used, in any case, chromatic noise will not be accepted.


Poor lighting/Overexposed

An image may be rejected due to a poor lighting that does not allow the main motive to be seen with clarity. This is especially true with portrait photographs.

Also, images that show burnt or white areas will be rejected, due to, as well as having an aesthetic defect, they are unrecoverable by the user that downloads them.



This refers to images that present an excessive level of editing that cause a non-justified loss in quality in the photo, or in the whites or blacks, digital montages with poor execution or photographs with an aggressive filter that can limit its later usage. We must keep in mind that the filter must follow the criteria that adds to the photo and its significance, not a filter that becomes the protagonist of the photo.



The image does not follow the basic norms of composition. This means that it must have a correct framing through the rule of threes and an adequate and harmonious distribution of the main objects in the photograph’s framing.


Aberrant Angle

This inclination can be for aesthetic purposes, but this is not always the case. We will not accept images in which the horizon is off level involuntarily.     


Similar Submissions

This rejection reason can be attributed to those images that have too many similarities with others. Whether these have been sent in the same photo op or that have already been published by the author in which the composition, framing, elements, main motives.



Photographs that are duplicates or repeated. We will not accept images that have already been sent, independently of whether they have been accepted for publishing or not.



Plagiarized photographs from other authors.


Trademark/Copyright Infringement and other legal issues

Registered trademarks and other legal issues. Other example to keep in mind are:

  1. Zoological animals
  2.  Recognizable portrait of people without their consent


Ethical Policies

Images that contain or encourage inappropriate conduct. For example: advocacy of violence or sexual or erotic content. We will not accept images of bad taste or those that can be offensive or that can affect the sensibility of our users.



If they are out of date. Images that have no relation to the moment in which they were taken.



Images that do not follow the current tendency in aesthetics (isolated objects on black or white backgrounds), out dated technological products, o, in the case of containing models, usage of out of date clothing or fashion.


Residual Vignetting

Vignettes are a characteristic that determined optics produce darkening the corners of the photographs. The vignettes can be easily corrected in edition. In the same way, it can be accentuated or, even, take it to the extreme and make the corners over exposed or whitened. This effect can be made obvious and although in certain ways it gives style to the image, an excessive usage can be a loss in good aesthetic.



Artifacts are created when we save an image with a low compression quality. In the examples you can see these artifacts in colored halo or flat block shapes. For this reason, we ask that when you save in JPEG, it is done with least compression possible.


Language Not Allowed/Misspellings

We will only accept images with message written in English and if they are correctly written, related to the image, and well integrated into it, and, lastly, that do not conflict with the ethical policies, excepting concrete, relevant, festivities in which we will accept brief heading in the language of the place of said festivity.







  • The title should not be too long (60 characters max. approx.)
  • I cannot contain numbers (i.e. Roll Up Banner 131)
  • It must be well redacted coherently in English
  • It’s just a short descriptive phrase on the resource without full stops that could give way to alternative titles (i.e. Baby with a nipple. Close up of baby’s hands with pacifier. Focus is on hands)


Example of incorrect titles:

“Portrait of a baby is being bathed by his father using tub at home. Soft tone. Bath time for a cute little new born baby”


Example of correct titles:

“Portrait of a baby being bathed by his father in a tub at home”

“Close up of baby’s hands with pacifier” or “Baby with nipple”



They must be separated by commas.

None of the tags have a # before the word

Maximum we will allow two words in each tag. I.e. “Christmas background”. A tag with more than word is incorrect as each word must be separated by a comma.


Example of an incorrect tag

Latin American and Hispanic Ethnicity (incorrect)

Latin American, Ethnicity (correct)

The following words will be discarded because they are on they on the vector design or because the give technical details that are not of interest: A4, A3 Eps10, horizontal, or vertical.


Reasons for Rejections

  1. Title too long 
  2. Wrong title 
  3. Title contains irrelevant information 
  4. Title must be in proper English  
  5. Title contains a date or numbers 
  6. Tags have not relation with the image 
  7. Tags are irrelevant 
  8. Tags must be in English  
  9. Tags range established: 5-50 tags  
  10. Min. tags number 5 Min. tags number reached 
  11. Max. tags number reached


  1. Title too long

Titles are rejected when they are too long. The maximum length of a title is of 50-60 characters approximately.

I.e. “Avocado seamless pattern with polka dots. Whole avocados, sliced pieces, cut in half with seed sketch. Tropical summer fruit drawn by hand cartoon style background”.

“Background for cute little boys. Transportation print. Doodle style seamless pattern on the theme of childhood with space ship, plane, helicopter and boat. Vector illustration for children’s design”.


  1. Wrong title

When a title is wrong and does not make allusions to the designs. The titles have been rejected for containing unnecessary information, whether that is referencing the resource or it is of a technical nature (i.e. EPS10)

For example, those designs that have “Print” in the title or any other title that has nothing to do with the image of the resource.


  1. Title contains irrelevant information

The titles are rejected for holding irrelevant information.

I.e. “Cake with polka dots seamless pattern illustration. Pastry and bakery background.”


  1. Title must be in proper English

The title must be properly redacted in English


  1. Title contains a date or number

Those titles on photographs that have the date in which the image was taken. In the case of vectors, we will reject the title if the numbers are irrelevant to the design (i.e. Roll Up Banner 131).


  1. Tags have no relation to the image

Tags that have no relation to what is in the design.

i.e. A design of a card with the tags: background, illustration.


  1. Tags are irrelevant

A particular design has tags that are not important, although they are related to the design. You can do without them when the tags are present are more relevant and describe the design in question.

i.e. Describe all the chromatic range of the design or all of the elements of this that are not necessary.


  1. Tags must be in English

All tags must be in English.


  1. Tags range established: 5-50 tags

Each resource must have five tags maximum.


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