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Reasons for rejection - PSD


  1. Limited Commercial Value / Insufficient standards
  2. Invalid File  
  3. Missing ‘Image not included’ tag in preview 
  4. This is not a mockup / template / graphic element 
  5. Send as vector (.eps) 
  6. Preview background must be ‘alpha layer’ 
  7. Layers are not properly organized or named  
  8. Mask is not correctly applied to the element 
  9. Language not allowed / Misspellings 
  10. PSD has no relation with the preview  
  11. Composition  
  12. Outdated  
  13. Similar submissions 
  14. Duplicate 
  15. Plagiarism 
  16. Trademark / Copyright infringement  
  17. Ethical policies  
  18. Functionality issues  


Limited Commercial Value/Insufficient Standards

Looking at the number of downloads and the profitability we’ve received, we’ve considered that the image has not reached the correct number of downloads to be profitable. This could be due to a number of reasons: simplicity in the composition of the image, insufficient level of technical quality, a theme not sought out by our users...

We can also reject the images when they don’t meet the style requirements demanded by the company, aesthetically and technically speaking.


Invalid file

Those files that once uploaded show loading defects.


Missing ‘Image not included’ tag in preview

An image has been included in the previews that has not been included in the PSD file. This must be specified with the tag “Image not included” in the preview.


This is not a mockup / template / graphic element

At the moment, PSD files we accept are limited to:

  • Mockups, which the user can use in order to easily make design tests: interior design, electronic devices, etc.
  • Templates: contact cards, company brochures (A4), posters (A3), etc., that have to be designed using international paper sizes.
  • Isolated graphic elements.


Send as vector (.eps)

The design sent uses Illustrator when executing file actions or we consider it more useful as a vector. In this case you just have to upload the EPS file along with the preview for an eventual review and selection as a vector.


Preview background must be ‘alpha layer’

When sending isolated graphic elements, the file preview must include a background grid (alpha layer) in order to clearly identify it’s a cut element or several of them. None of these kind of files will be accepted without the appropriate background grid.


Layers are not properly organized or named

Layers must be properly organized and correctly named in English.

In case of mockups and templates, each editable element in the file must have its own group or folder named after the object the edit is being made on. Inside this folder you must identify quickly which is the layer to edit (highlight with a color). In case of a graphic element, each and every one of them appearing in the composition must be properly cut and separated and in a masked layer (as long as it’s necessary).


Mask is not correctly applied to the element

The shape of the masks must fit perfectly the elements they’re made on. The image and the potential editable texts must follow the natural composition of the object in which they’re on, aiming for the most realism and ease of use in order to make it easier for the user executing the actions contained in the file.


Language not allowed / Misspellings

We only accept PSD with texts in properly written English, related to the image, well integrated in the composition and that don’t conflict with our ethical policies, with the exception of specific and relevant festivities in which we will accept a brief heading in the language of the place of said festivity.


PSD has no relation with the preview

The preview image must represent faithfully the PSD file, and consequently, the final results of the printed version.



The PSD file does not follow the basic rules of composition. This means that it must have a correct framing using the rule of thirds and an adequate and harmonious distribution of the objects of interest in the photograph’s framing.



The PSD is no longer relevant at the time of reception.


Similar submissions

This reason for rejection is usually attributed to those files that, though not strictly being duplicate, present too many similarities with PSD already admitted (same composition, framing or main motives repeated). The rejection of these may be due to a comparison with other files sent in the same upload or those already published in the author’s profile.



Duplicate or repeated files. We will not accept images that have already been sent, independently of whether they have been accepted for publishing or not.



PSD (editable file) copied from other authors or containing images from which the author does not own the rights. Acceptable in previews. For more information on this aspect, see ‘Tips - Image rights’.


Trademark / Copyright Infringement

Registered trademarks, personal contact of the file creator and other legal issues.


Ethical policies

Images that contain or encourage inappropriate conduct. For example: advocacy of violence or sexual or erotic content. We will not accept images of bad taste or those that can be by any means offensive or that can affect the sensibility of our users.


Functionality issues

The PSD file presents problems or functionality errors when executing actions: layers that are not modifiable or that unreasonably replace more than one element at once, incorrectly isolated objects, etc.





IMAGE RIGHTS: If the editable file contains an image, we must own its rights in order for it to be included in the PSD file. If this is not the case, a text or a legend in English must be included in the preview in which it’s stated that said image is not included inside the file (e.g. ‘Image not included).


LOGOS AND TRADEMARKS: Designs with any logo or registered trademark won’t be accepted, nor will be any design with the PSD creator’s watermark, website or personal contact in it. The only exception to this will be social media icons.


BODY TEXT: For a higher homogeneity of the published files, we recommend using the term ‘Lorem Ipsum’ for body texts, making it easier not to incur in possible grammar mistakes or misspellings in English, the only accepted language. PSD containing graphic elements can’t contain text.


HEADLINES: It is correct to use brief and concise headlines written in proper English with the aim of clearly showing the intentions, targeted sector, business type, etc. of our design. Nevertheless, we recommend not to narrow too much the range of application in order to maximize the file’s profitability.


PREVIEW: Mockup: The preview image of the file must be a JPG file. This image must include a design or text acting as a placeholder of the editable area. Mockups with a color indicating the editing area won’t be accepted.


CURRENT TECHNOLOGY: Due to the importance of tech devices in mockup compositions, devices appearing on them must not be more than one or two years old (e.g. a mockup featuring an iPhone 5 is not accepted anymore). If the concept and the aesthetic of the mockup references a time in the past, it would make sense to use old or timeless objects.


FONTS: Typography used in editable text must be free for commercial use.


SOCIAL NETWORKS: In case the design contains any social network logo, all of them must be up to date versions.





  1. Filetype not valid
  2. Preview file doesn’t exist
  3. Min dimensions not reached
  4. Max dimensions exceeded
  5. File size exceeded
  6. Invalid or corrupt file
  7. Vector file not found
  8. Min filesize not reached
  9. Metadata not corrected by the designer



Filetype not valid

The file is not valid because it’s not a PSD or JPG.


Preview file doesn’t exist

If the PSD file doesn’t have a preview linked (preview file must have the same name).


Min dimensions not reached

Files must have a minimum of 2000 px in dimensions.


Max dimensions exceeded  

Files must have a maximum of 8000 px in dimensions.


File size exceeded

PSD files must have a maximum size of 250 MB.


Corrupt file

The file is damaged due to an error while uploading or because it’s corrupt.


Min filesize not reached

    • Vectors: 0.1 MB
    • Photos: 1.5 MB
    • PSD: 1.5 MB




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