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FAQs for contributors


If you are a contributor or if you desire to join our Team as a Contributor and you desire to have more information regarding this choice before sending us your portfolio, please check the following points, we hope you find this info helpful!

FAQs for contributors


1) What should be the subject of my content?

There is not an specific subject to create your graphic resources, you are free to create whatever you think would be useful to our users.


2) How many files would I need to submit to become a contributor?

It is preferable if you can send initially more than 70+ graphic resources for review. As once you send your illustrations they have to go through a selection process and files will not be uploaded unless a minimum of 10 are selected. Therefore, the more you send us for selection, the higher chances you have of creating a profile at Freepik.


3) How do I send my content for review?

You have to submit your content through email to your assigned coordinator through a link attached in the email of either Dropbox or Wetransfer.


4) How much money will I receive for my illustrations?

The payment is done per download as the content uploaded is non exclusive. Your assigned coordinator will give you more details regarding payment.


5) How would I get paid and how often?

Your invoice is generated in our system between the 4-9th of each month for you to validate at → Invoice and payment is made between the 10-15th of each month. The first payment will be generated after 2 months since your first upload. After that the remaining payments will be done skipping a month but all months will be paid. For example: In September we would pay the earnings corresponding to July, in October we would pay the earnings corresponding to August...


6) Which payment system does Freepik use to make the payments?

Once you become part of our designing team, we will grant you access to our internal payment system. Payments are made via Paypal or Skrill.


7) Who can download my images?

Your images would be available to download all the users of Freepik. However, you would be credited as the author everytime someone uses your work. Only our premium subscribers can use the resources available on Freepik without attribution.

8) Are my illustrations protected against plagiarism or copy?

Freepik takes seriously any copyright violations done by any user. As all our users are aware, unauthorized distribution or include our content in any online archive or database of graphic resources is not allowed and may subject them to criminal and civil penalties, and we will take legal action if all content is not removed immediately. Whenever we find someone committing copyright infringement we contact them if needed and inform about the legal consequences derived from the misuse of our resources.


9) Do I have a time period to send my files?

Usually, there is not a deadline to send your files, but is better to send them as soon as possible, preferably within 2 weeks. Have in mind that the sooner you send your files, the sooner your content will be uploaded and you will start earning money.


10) Can I upload my illustrations directly to Freepik or does it have to be through my coordinator ?

You will have to submit your illustrations bundles to your person of contact on Freepik. these images would go through a selection process and the best ones would be posted on your portfolio at Freepik. Alternatively we have a self uploading system where you can upload your content directly to Freepik but we only can give you access to this system once you are aware of the quality of work we are looking for. However, everything uploaded through the system also goes through a validation process.


11) Which kind of files am I allowed to upload at Freepik?

You are able to upload EPS, PSD (mock-ups) and Photos to your portfolio at Freepik. The essential requirement is that every file must be originally created by you. In the case of submitting the different kinds of files to your coordinator, please divide in different files the photos from the EPS/PSD files.


12) How much time should I wait until my illustrations are uploaded / validated?

Whether you upload through the system or send your files to your person of contact, please keep in mind that validation and uploading can take around 1-15 working days. However it can take longer depending on the files received by our designing team.


13) What type of styles tend to work at Freepik?

We always advise our designers to submit content that is useful for our users. The idea is to submit content that can be useful for a good number of projects our users might be working on. This might assure a good number of downloads and therefore a better income. Some of the styles that tend to work are: backgrounds, current festivities, wedding invitations, posters, banners, abstract, etc.


14) Can I send content based on festivities such as Christmas, valentines day, fathers day?

Yes, it is actually a good thing to do. Having festivities images on your portfolio will increase your downloads. However please send adn/or upload festivity content only when the date is approaching, preferably a month before and avoid uploading a few days close to the date as this assures more downloads and consequently more earnings. For example: If we are in the month of January, it doesn't make sense to upload Christmas content as the date just passed and you will not get as many downloads as if you would have uploaded it in November. But in January it would be useful to upload Valentines designs as the number of downloads will keep on increasing as we get closer to the date.


15) Why have my files been rejected?

As you may know, we receive thousands of files everyday and it’s pretty hard to tell the reasons of the rejection for each file.

Therefore, here’s a list of the reasons of rejection:

  • The quality of files doesn’t fulfill the quality standards requested on our website.
  • Repeated or similar files with a slight difference in between each other (color change, different size…).
  • Your files don’t follow the previously requested specifications (dimensions, titles, tags…).
  • We have detected a copyright infringement and your portfolio will be removed.
  • If you have sent files for validation and have been rejected before, don’t send them again because if we did not select it before, means we are not interested in those files.
  • Festivities files should be sent at least one month before the specific date not past de festivity date. Otherwise, they will be rejected. However, you can send it again closer to the date.


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