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FAQs for contributors


1) What should be the subject of my content?

There is no specific subject or topic to follow, you’re free to create whatever you think would be useful to our users. 


2) How many files would I need to submit to become a contributor?

Initially, you will be able to send 20 files for the first review. 


3) How do I send my content for review?

You have to submit your content through the following link:

If you decide to become a "Contributor", please register, read and accept our terms and conditions (contract) and start uploading your work. Our team will then review your work and will decide whether or not it is uploaded to our website.


4) How would I get paid and how often?

Invoices are generated in our system between the 4th and the 9th of each month, and you need to validate them in

Payment is made between the 10th and the 15th of each month.

The first invoice will be generated 2 months after the first time the minimum amount is reached (50 USD if you have Payoneer as payment method, 100 USD if it is Paypal). 

After that, payments will be made when the minimum amount is reached, and will correspond to the downloads registered two months earlier.

So, for instance, in September we would pay the earnings corresponding to the July downloads, in October we would pay the earnings corresponding to the August downloads, and so on.

If your payment is rejected by Paypal/Payoneer or for other reasons, this invoice will be cancelled, and the amount will be accumulated to be validated with your next invoice.


5) How much money will I receive for my resources?

All files will be marked as Premium. 

This is how your commission from premium subscriptions work:

At the end of each day, we would calculate the total amount of subscription fees and calculate the "per diem" subscription amount. Then we would calculate the total number of downloads.
The total daily subscription average would be divided by the number of downloads to calculate the "per illustration" price for that day. That number would be multiplied by 0.5 to calculate the 50% rate. The price per illustration might change on a daily basis, according to our calculations.


6) Which payment system does Freepik use to make the payments?

Once you become part of our team, we'll grant you access to our internal payment system. Payments are made via Paypal or Payoneer.


7) Who can download my images?

Your images would be available to download for Freepik Premium members.

8) Are my resources protected against plagiarism?

Freepik takes any copyright violation very seriously. As all of our users are aware, unauthorized distribution or inclusion of our content in any online archive or database of graphic resources is not permitted and may be subject to criminal and civil penalties. Legal action will be taken if the unauthorized content is not removed immediately. 

Whenever we find someone committing copyright infringement we contact them straight away and inform about the legal consequences that come with the misuse of our resources.


9) Is there a time period in which to send my files?

Usually, there is no deadline to send your files by. Bear in mind that the sooner you send your files, the sooner your content will be uploaded and you can start earning money.


10) What kind of files can I upload to Freepik?

You can upload EPS, PSD (mock-ups) and Photos to your Freepik portfolio. The main requirement is that every file must be originally created by you.


11) How long do I have to wait until my files are validated?

Pease keep in mind that validation and uploading can take around 20 working days. In some cases, it could take longer depending on the type of file you submit.


12) What type of styles tend to work at Freepik?

We always advise our designers to submit content that’s useful for our users. The idea is to submit content that can be used for various projects our users might be working on. This will ensure a higher number of downloads and therefore a larger income. The styles that seem to work best are: backgrounds, current festivities, wedding invitations, posters, banners, abstract, etc.


13) Can I send content based on festivities such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, Father’s day?

Yes, this is actually a great thing to keep in mind. Images of festivities and celebrations will increase your number of downloads. However, please only upload this kind of content in plenty of time, preferably a month before. Avoid uploading too close to the date, as you won’t receive as many downloads and consequently, earnings.

For example, it doesn’t sense to upload Christmas content in January as the date has already passed. However, it would be a good idea to upload Valentine’s day content in January as the number of downloads would increase as the date draws closer.


14) Why have my files been rejected?

As you can imagine, we receive thousands of files every day and it can be difficult to give feedback to each individual case.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the usual reasons for the rejection of files:

  • The quality of the files doesn’t meet the standard required on our site.
  • Repeated or very similar files with slight differences between each other (color change, different size…).
  • The files don’t follow the agreed specifications (dimension, titles, tags…).
  • A copyright infringement has been detected and your portfolio might be removed.
  • If you sent files for validation and these were rejected, please don’t send them again; e if they weren’t selected the first time around, this means that we aren’t interested in them.
  • Files for festivities and celebrations should be sent at least one month before the date in question and never later. Otherwise, they will be rejected. However, you can send the files again, when the date comes around the next time.


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